How to Reduce Nighttime Heartburn

Do You Suffer from Heartburn at Night? Nearly eight out of ten people suffer from nighttime heartburn. Daily culture sets individuals up for heartburn, and active lifestyles are a prime factor for heartburn at night. While many people take medications for heartburn, not many understand the causes and treatments for it.

What Causes Heartburn at Night?

Primarily, people experience heartburn because of an active lifestyle that doesn’t permit healthy food consumption. Individuals who suffer from nighttime heartburn often eat three large meals a day, as opposed to five smaller meals. Because of the large quantities of food ingested, an individual’s stomach is more likely to retain gas, which swells in the nighttime and results in heartburn. Individuals who eat dinner just before bed are also more likely to suffer from heartburn.

How to Reduce Heartburn

Again, individuals wishing to reduce heartburn at night are prompted to divide their meals—and have more consistent “snacks” throughout the day. It has also been proven that sleeping with one’s head raised can reduce heartburn. Consuming foods with less acid will reduce heartburn. This is because acidic and spicy foods deteriorate an individual’s stomach lining, and result in nighttime pains. Smoking, drinking and binge eating are also known causers of heartburn. Individuals should reduce consumption of fruit and citrus juices before bedtime, and be aware of their desert habits as well. There are many little steps one can take to avoid heartburn at night, and each is simple enough to avoid heartburn. Individuals are urged to eat healthy, and always have a balanced eating schedule to maximize sleep hours.



One thought on “How to Reduce Nighttime Heartburn

  1. I love your natural remedies because I always lean towards those……not a big fan of “regular medicine”

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